„Home Smart Home“

Convenience, the main benefit of smart building devices

Autor: Christy Gilmour Okroj Drummond

Residential smart building devices are becoming increasingly popular as they bring a vast amount of benefits to customers lives. These advantages will be examined at the ASHRAE 2016 Annual Conference during the seminar „Residential Building Smart Devices and Data: Improving Energy Use Insights and Performance Evaluation“, which takes place on the 29th of June.

Users enjoy extra comfort, higher energy savings, and better security and knowledge of performance of homes. Speaker Howard Chong highlighted smart device‘s main benefit: convenience. „Homeowners don't have to look up their data through paper bills, computers are really good at keeping track of data. A big complaint from homeowners about energy audits is that they aren't convenient“, stated Chong.

Despite the positive impact smart devices have it‘s important to keep them simple for the customers, making them easy to use with minimum effort.

The seminar forms part of a Technical Program which brings together more than 400 speakers.

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